Twitter Sent to Ricky Gervais About Frozen Shoulder Help

Ricky Gervais appeared on David Letterman's Late Show earlier this week and said he had a Frozen Shoulder also called The 50-year-old Shoulder. He explained that the pain in his right shoulder kept him from raising his arm and that he was told it can take up to two years for the condition to heal. He said he had a steroid shot that was put directly into the shoulder socket and it didn't help. David immediately asked for a towel, got up, and began showing Ricky how to exercise the shoulder. Ricky tried, but couldn't do the exercises.

Yesterday Ricky was also on the show Live: With Kelly and Michael and he was very protective of his right arm (he high-fived audience members with his left hand).

Last year my doctor told me to exercise my Frozen Shoulder (he didn't call it that, but it's a perfect name), but the pain was so great I couldn't do the exercises either. The doctor told me my muscles would atrophy if I didn't do the exercises! The exercises were all he had to offer after I declined the steroid shot.

This is the twitter I sent to Ricky:

The Fast Diet/Mosley healed Frozen Shoulder in 60 days. Had FS 180 days prior. Blog:

I hope it helps.



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