Tomatoes and Bonnie’s Skin Condition

On December 7, 2013 I stopped eating tomatoes and the white spots on my legs, which is also known as Uremic Frost gradually started disappearing. The white spots are now barely detectable.

Background: My grandfather, William "Will" John Galt (1879 to 1934), died of kidney failure at age 55, my dad, John "Jack" Phillip Galt (1912 to 1975), died of kidney cancer at age 63, and I, Ruth "Bonnie" Galt O'Sullivan (1936 to --), have had white spots on my skin, which is a skin condition called Uremic Frost that could be a sign of kidney failure, since the age of 58.

In 1997, during one of our many phone sessions as I worked with him updating his book, One Answer To Cancer, I asked Dr. Kelley if he knew what the white spots on my skin were and if he knew of anything I could do to get rid of them. He told me they are called “Uremic Frost” (powdery deposits of urea and uric acid salts on the skin) and are caused by the kidneys not being able to completely remove uric acid salts from the body.

I told him I noticed that the spots got worse when I took mineral supplements, so I stopped taking mineral supplements, which improved the skin on my arms, but I still had lots of white spots on my legs.

Dr. Kelley advised me to take all my supplements in capsule form. He recommended avoiding Magnesium Stearate and Dicalcium Phosphate, which are fillers that are listed as "other ingredients" on supplement labels (they are used in making tablets and to lubricate the machinery that fills capsules). He said I should take supplements that have rice powder listed under "other ingredients" instead as it works just as well to lubricate the machinery and is less likely to cause health problems.

Since 1997, by following Dr. Kelley's advice, I have kept my Uremic Frost skin condition confined to my legs with just one or two spots on my hands (in 1997 I even had several white spots on my face). I drink and cook with nothing but distilled water. I do not eat or drink anything with minerals in it that did not come from a plant-based source or from organic, grass fed cows (home-made vegetable juice and broth, organic nuts, and organic, grass fed cow's milk and cheese). I eat organic, grass fed beef and chicken and organic eggs.

If I consume any food or beverage with added magnesium or calcium or even drink a glass of Pellegrino water I will cause hundreds of white spots to appear on my legs, arms and face. They can be so deep that when I scrape them off they bleed and a scab forms.

Last year I found a natural, organic mineral supplement that does not increase my Uremic Frost skin condition. It's called Sea Vegetables by PotentSea. I read an advertisement about it and decided it was perfect for me. It definitely helps to satisfy my hunger and I'm happy about getting a plant source of iodine.

Here is what I read:

"Certain Asian cultures are known for amazing longevity and vitality into old age. These long lifespans, in large part, are the result of a diet rich in the five types of sea vegetables found in PotentSea capsules.

"PotentSea Sea Vegetables are a wonderful way to obtain many of the essential vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs for longevity, wellness and a healthy thyroid function.

"A healthy thyroid function leads to better hormone balance, healthy weight, better hair, skin and nails, blood health and mental clarity while boosting immunity.

"The nutrients found in PotentSea Sea Vegetables are easily absorbed into your system. The broad-spectrum of Sea Vegetables which includes red, green and brown marine algae provides much more nutrition than your basic kelp supplement.

"In springtime, the Gulf Stream upwells deep water nutrients and infuses our North Atlantic red, brown and green sea vegetables with rich amounts of bio-available ocean nutrition. Organic certifiers accompany us as we gently hand harvest and sun-dry the sea plants. PotentSea Sea Vegetables are free from contaminants."

I recommend PotentSea Sea Vegetables for anyone who wants to give their body the best form of minerals.

Getting back to not eating tomatoes. . .

The reason I tried not eating tomatoes was because of my friend, Elizabeth.

For three weeks I was keeping Elizabeth supplied with both homemade green soup and Hippocrates soup. Then she said she didn't want any more Hippocrates soup because it had too many Nightshade vegetables in it. (I made the Hippocrates soup with, among other vegetables, 3 pounds of tomatoes and 2 pounds of white potatoes -- both of which are in the Nightshade family -- and froze it into 8 oz portions.)

Maybe I hadn't paid attention when Elizabeth told me why she didn't like Nightshade vegetables, or I just hadn't listened, or she hadn't told me, but one day I realized I didn't know why she didn't like Nightshade vegetables. So, I asked her.

When she said they cause her to have joint pain I thought "Duh, maybe that's the problem with my knee!"

I had a pain in my right knee that was getting worse every day instead of getting better, which is what had always happened in the past.

So, since I had been having a cup of Hippocrates soup every day since March 2013, I thought I should stop drinking it and see what happened.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. It gradually stopped the pain in my knee and I can walk faster and get up and down off the floor with no pain at all (taking coffee enemas every day requires getting up and down off the floor).

And now it's helping my kidneys get rid of all the uric acid salts the way they should, through my urine!

The Nightshade family of vegetables includes tomatoes and white potatoes (but not sweet potatoes) and peppers (but not black pepper). I’ve completely stopped eating tomatoes, and instead of eating white potatoes I've switched to eating sweet potatoes, and I've also stopped taking cayenne pepper capsules, but I believe the improvement in my health has been mostly due to not eating tomatoes.

It saddens me that I cannot eat tomatoes as I have always loved them and they were a significant part of my diet (I love spaghetti, lasagne, pizza, tacos and enchiladas). But now that I have two really important reasons for not eating them I know I'll never eat them again.

I just wanted you to know in case you want to try not eating Nightshades for awhile to find out if you get any health improvements. Oh, and Nightshades can also cause indigestion (which is why the only thing that can reliably cause me to throw up is taking 2 cayenne capsules at a time -- otherwise I don't easily throw up).

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