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How I Failed to Help Robin Williams

Dear Robin,

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

You walked into my Great Earth Vitamin store on Polk St. in San Francisco in 1987, and I feel like I failed you.

You didn’t say what you were looking for. I asked, but as soon as you looked at me you began picking up one bottle of vitamins after another and making jokes. I laughed and tried to keep up with your understanding of vitamins, but soon realized it didn’t matter -- you were just having fun and entertaining me, period.

You didn’t stay long — about 15 minutes — and I was euphoric after you left because the fabulous Robin Williams had just given me my own private comedy show.

I knew you lived in San Francisco and I hoped you would stop in again to talk seriously about vitamins, but you never did. So, for the past 27 years, I've thought you had just been cruising Polk St. looking for material for your comedy act and, seeing a customer-free vitamin store, decided to entertain me with a vitamin comedy show (it worked in I Love Lucy and The Flintstones, but I never saw another vitamin-themed performance by you).

I now know that  in the 1980's your mother, Laurie Williams, made a senior exercising video and recommended that you take vitamins and exercise. (I’ve been watching interviews you have given over the years.)

I know in 1987 you had not been drinking alcohol or using cocaine since your son was born in 1983 and that you and your wife were expecting the birth of your daughter.

In one interview you said you bonded with your mother as a child by making her laugh by telling her jokes.


1738 Polk Street

In interviews about you given by your male friends, I’ve learned that you could visit with them without telling jokes when you were alone with them, but I haven't heard any of your female friends say that. 

We were alone in my store that day and you could not stop telling me jokes. I read an article by Leah Garchik in today’s (August 13, 2014: two days after you died) San Francisco Chronicle newspaper where she said you did a one-on-one stand-up for her when she found herself alone with you at a private dinner party when she had hoped for a casual one-on-one conversation with you. She said she was disappointed.

That’s when I realized that back in 1987 I was disappointed too -- because you didn’t give me a chance to tell you about vitamins and what they can do to help with depression, which, in turn, would decrease the desire for drugs and alcohol. Now I’m wondering, if there had been a knowledgeable male salesperson alone in the store that day, would you have asked him if vitamins can help a person with depression before you entertained him and if you had, would you still be alive today? 

The following is what I would have told you if you had asked:

The most important supplement for helping relieve depression is Vitamin B-Complex. Using cocaine, abusing alcohol, and/or consuming refined sugar depletes B-Complex vitamins. 

Studies show that even many pharmaceutical drugs deplete vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-12, folic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, selenium, zinc, chromium, and CoQ10. 

B-Complex vitamins are water-soluble, so they must be taken two or three times a day preferably with meals. I take two Country Life Co-enzyme B-Complex capsules twice daily (I’ve taken two B-Complex capsules two to three times a day since 1961).

The second most important supplement for relieving depression (and the first for the overall health of the brain) is Omega-6 oil (the brain needs Omega-6 oil for its proper development and smooth functioning throughout life).

Omega-6 oil is also crucial for the health of the heart. Dr. Johanna Budwig proved this in the 1950’s and, even though in the final results of her studies she recommended Omega-3 oil (from flax seed oil, which was called linseed oil in the 1950’s), all her experiments were done using Omega-6 oil (Ref: “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill,” 1993, Udo Erasmus). 

One visible sign that you are deficient in Omega-6 oil is shrunken, stiff lips. It was reported in 1928 by Royal S. Lee (1895-1967), founder of the Vitamin Products Company, now called Standard Process, Inc., that people who are deficient in Omega-6 oil gradually see their lips shrink and become stiff. This happens more quickly if they are out in the sun daily (cowboys, sailors, and sportsmen such as bicyclers). 

Whether or not you eat fried foods and/or foods that contain hydrogenated oil/trans-fats (oils that are harmful to brain and heart), you should take supplements of Evening Primrose Oil and a small amount of Omega-3 oil daily to keep your brain and heart healthy. (Note: It helps to take these oil supplements before meals as they will prevent any bad oil in your meal from attaching to your oil receptors.)

Before eating breakfast every day I take two Barlean’s Evening Primrose oil capsules and three Yes oil capsules (a combination of Omega-6 from Evening Primrose oil and Omega-3 from flax seeds) (I've taken a combination of Evening Primrose oil  and flax seed oil daily since my month-long stay at the Gerson Cancer Hospital in Rosarito Beach, Mexico in November 1982).

The third supplement needed for the health of the brain is a good mineral supplement.  

The mineral supplement I recommend is Sea Vegetable capsules by PotentSea. As our farm soil becomes depleted, only the ocean can provide the nutrients needed for longevity, wellness, youth and vitality. Several Asian cultures credit their long life spans and low disease rates to a diet rich in ocean nutrition.

The rich amount of organic iodine and trace minerals in PotentSea Sea Vegetable capsules work to promote a healthy thyroid. Many Americans suffer from a low thyroid condition known as hypothyroidism. Signs of hypothyroidism can include weight gain, low energy, poor hair, skin and nails, frequent lack of wellness, depression, lack of mental focus, etc.

I take three capsules of PotentSea Sea Vegetables daily with breakfast (I've taken mineral tablets or capsules since 1961, but have only been taking PotentSea Sea Vegetable capsules since June 2013).  

It is best to take all the vitamins daily: A, B-Complex, C, D, E, and F (Omega-6 and Omega-3), minerals, and other supplements such as COQ10 and systemic enzymes (because our body gradually makes less enzymes after age 30), but for eliminating depression B-Complex vitamins, Evening Primrose oil capsules, and PotentSea Sea Vegetable capsules are the ones you should never go without.     


Bonnie O’Sullivan

PS My Great Earth Vitamin store was located at 1738 Polk St., near Washington St. There is a Douglas Brett Modern Life Designs store at that location now.

1738 Polk St San Francisco CA 94109

1738 Polk St San Francisco CA 94109

Comments and Questions from Readers

Comment #1:

March 18, 2014

Hi Bonnie,

Dr Col From "Down Under In The Land Of Thunder We Call OZ"
Just wanted to say...I looked at your pictures Well DONE GIRL ! ! ! It takes GUTS to see ones self as one really is AND DO something about it. That's some weight that you never needed to carry around on the knee, hip and ankle joints. They will also thank you I'm sure. Come to think of it so will your lungs thank you won't they...YIPEEEE MORE OXYGEN to knock over YUCKEEE FREE RADICALS.
Hope you're into Yummeeee Fresh...Cold...Juices Bonnie.
I say...COLD...Juices because the COLD KEEPS the ENZYMES alive even in the fast spinning Juicers. So even the fast spinning juicers do not hurt the ENZYMES of the COLD Fruit and Veggies. So much for the hype of the expensive Juice sellers. My Favorite is Carrot and Granny Smith Green Apples SLURP YUM SLURP. DON"T slip back into the old ways Girl...
GOOD Healthy weight helps us enjoy life more.....What say you Girl ? ? ?
"Health Is Yours Naturally"
Your Friend Dr. Col "Down Under In OZ"

Comment/Question #2:

March 18, 2014
Hi Bonnie!
Where can you get this (cannabis oil)? I thought it was only in Canada. I live in the United States. Is there someone to contact to purchase this? or do you have to make it yourself? I watched several videos that showed how to extract the oil, but I would be too scared to try doing it myself.


I'm with you. . . I'd be too afraid to make it myself, too. We are lucky to live in California where we can buy it at the pot store. Hopefully, Ohio will make it legal soon.

I made a list of websites that tell you which states have made cannabis legal: Please click here

Comment #3

March 18, 2014

So happy love what your doing. 🙂  GB, NY

Comment/Question #4

I'm interested to know about the cooking method that makes meat very tender.



Please click here

Comment #5

March 19, 2014
Hi Bonnie,
You look like you are having good success.  I am happy for you and I know too well the difficulty of losing weight.
What is working for me is the Weight watchers points plus method. I am still about 5 lbs from my goal but I find writing down what I am eating really works for me.
God luck and enjoy hearing of your success.


Comment/Question #6

March 19, 2014


I thought you had given up on the fast diet as you weren't losing weight there for a while. What changed you around?



I never gave up on the fast diet, but, you are right, I did stop losing weight for awhile there. I believe it was because I was eating the Hippocrates soup every day and it turned out to be poisonous for me (click here). As soon as I stopped eating it I began to lose my excess pounds again, although at a much slower rate than during the first three months.

Here's the time table:

1. My "frozen shoulder" (caused by inflammation) got better the first month I was on The Fast Diet (March 2013).

2. I started eating one cup of the Hippocrates soup (I thought it was one of the best vegetable soups I could eat for my health) every day later in March 2013.

3. By June 2013 I had lost 17 pounds.

4. By August 2013 I had lost another three pounds.

5. In September 2013 I lost less than half a pound. I thought I needed to exercise more, so we bought a second-hand treadmill. After we set it up and I used it a few days I had to stop walking on it because an intermittent pain in my knee that had been bothering me before we got the treadmill, became worse.

3. By December 2013 my knee had gotten much more painful (inflamed and swollen). I thought I had injured it somehow and, since I had not stayed off of it, I thought it just needed more time to heal.

4. Then, my friend, Elizabeth, told me Night Shade vegetables (tomatoes and potatoes, which are the main ingredients in Hippocrates soup) cause her to have joint pain! So, I stopped eating the Hippocrates soup.

5. In a couple of days my knee didn't hurt anymore!

6. Since December I've lost another five pounds.

7. This month, March 2014, I am 25 pounds lighter than I was last March.

I don't know for sure if my weight loss stopped because I was eating Hippocrates soup, but, due to the timing, it seems it may have had something to do with it.

Comment/Question #7

March 19, 2014

So interesting about the hemp oil. Where does a person buy this oil?



Please click here

Update on The Fast Diet

Before 2001 I weighed between 140 and 145 pounds. Whenever I went over 145 I cut out carbohydrates for a week. After 2001 I couldn’t give up carbohydrates (in 2001 I began taking care of my daughter who was ill). By January 2013 I had gained 60 pounds.
I started The Fast Diet March 5, 2013. The Fast Diet consists of eating 500 (women) to 600 (men) calories on two non-consecutive days per week and eating normally the other five.
I fast on Thursdays and Sundays. When I start my fast I don’t eat anything for 12 hours, then I eat 250 calories at the 12 hour mark and 250 calories at the 24 hour mark, then I wait another 12 hours before eating normally.
I heard a similar description of how I’m eating from a guest on The View. She said she keeps her slim figure while eating the high caloric food on her daily weekday cooking show by cutting way down on calories on the two days she is off.
There are two reasons I chose The Fast Diet (2012) by Michael Mosley − Video: (1) It is recommended for lowering levels of chronic inflammation, which reduces the risk of numerous diseases including heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s, and (2) I can easily go 12 hours without eating, such as fasting for a blood test.
I have lost 25 pounds. I plan to follow The Fast Diet for the rest of my life. I feel no discomfort on fast days and I eat without guilt the other five days.
For six months before going on The Fast Diet I had been suffering from what Ricky Gervais reported that he had been suffering from on the David Letterman show: “Frozen Shoulder” or the “50-year-old Shoulder,” which is due to inflammation and can take up to two years to heal: My left shoulder’s condition was exactly as Ricky described his: I couldn’t raise my arm because when I tried I experienced excruciating pain in my shoulder. If I didn’t try I had no pain, so I stopped trying. Within two months on The Fast Diet I regained complete, pain-free movement of my left arm and shoulder. Within two months my lifelong springtime allergies did not reappear and my cravings for potato chips and ice cream vanished.
Bonnie O'Sullivan
Age: 77
Walnut Creek, CA


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Comments and Questions from Readers

Comment #1:

March 18, 2014

Hi Bonnie,

Dr Col From "Down Under In The Land Of Thunder We Call OZ"

Just wanted to say...I looked at your pictures Well DONE GIRL ! ! ! It takes GUTS to see ones self as one really is AND DO something about it. That's some weight that you never needed to carry around on the knee, hip and ankle joints. They will also thank you I'm sure. Come to think of it so will your lungs thank you won't they...YIPEEEE MORE OXYGEN to knock over YUCKEEE FREE RADICALS.

Hope your into Yummeeee Fresh...Cold...Juices Bonnie.
I say...COLD...Juices because the COLD KEEPS the ENZYMES alive even in the fast spinning Juicers. So even the fast spinning juicers do not hurt the ENZYMES of the COLD Fruit and Veggies.  So much for the hype of the expensive Juice sellers.  My Favourite is Carrot and Granny Smith Green Apples SLURP YUM SLURP.    DON"T slip back into the old ways Girl...
GOOD Healthy weight helps us enjoy life more.....What say you Girl ? ? ?
"Health Is Yours Naturally"     Your Friend Dr. Col "Down Under In OZ"

Comment/Question #2:

March 18, 2014
Hi Bonnie!
Where can you get this (cannabis oil)?  I thought it was only in Canada.I live in the United States.Is there someone to contact to purchase this? or do you have to make it yourself. I watched several videos that showed how to extract the oil,but I would be too scared to try doing it myself.

Comment #3

March 18, 2014

So happy love what your doing. 🙂  GB, NY

Comment/Question #4

I'm interested to know about the cooking method that makes meat very tender.


Comment/Question #5

March 19, 2014
Hi Bonnie,
You look like you are having good success.  I am happy for you and I know too well the difficulty of losing weight.
What is working for me is the Weight watchers points plus method. I am still about 5 lbs from my goal but I find writing down what I am eating really works for me.
God luck and enjoy hearing of your success.


Comment/Question #6


I thought you had given up on the fast diet as you weren't losing weight there for a while. What changed you around?


Comment/Question #7

So interesting about the hemp oil. Where does a person buy this oil?


Tomatoes and Bonnie’s Skin Condition

On December 7, 2013 I stopped eating tomatoes and the white spots on my legs, which is also known as Uremic Frost gradually started disappearing. The white spots are now barely detectable.

Background: My grandfather, William "Will" John Galt (1879 to 1934), died of kidney failure at age 55, my dad, John "Jack" Phillip Galt (1912 to 1975), died of kidney cancer at age 63, and I, Ruth "Bonnie" Galt O'Sullivan (1936 to --), have had white spots on my skin, which is a skin condition called Uremic Frost that could be a sign of kidney failure, since the age of 58.

In 1997, during one of our many phone sessions as I worked with him updating his book, One Answer To Cancer, I asked Dr. Kelley if he knew what the white spots on my skin were and if he knew of anything I could do to get rid of them. He told me they are called “Uremic Frost” (powdery deposits of urea and uric acid salts on the skin) and are caused by the kidneys not being able to completely remove uric acid salts from the body.

I told him I noticed that the spots got worse when I took mineral supplements, so I stopped taking mineral supplements, which improved the skin on my arms, but I still had lots of white spots on my legs.

Dr. Kelley advised me to take all my supplements in capsule form. He recommended avoiding Magnesium Stearate and Dicalcium Phosphate, which are fillers that are listed as "other ingredients" on supplement labels (they are used in making tablets and to lubricate the machinery that fills capsules). He said I should take supplements that have rice powder listed under "other ingredients" instead as it works just as well to lubricate the machinery and is less likely to cause health problems.

Since 1997, by following Dr. Kelley's advice, I have kept my Uremic Frost skin condition confined to my legs with just one or two spots on my hands (in 1997 I even had several white spots on my face). I drink and cook with nothing but distilled water. I do not eat or drink anything with minerals in it that did not come from a plant-based source or from organic, grass fed cows (home-made vegetable juice and broth, organic nuts, and organic, grass fed cow's milk and cheese). I eat organic, grass fed beef and chicken and organic eggs.

If I consume any food or beverage with added magnesium or calcium or even drink a glass of Pellegrino water I will cause hundreds of white spots to appear on my legs, arms and face. They can be so deep that when I scrape them off they bleed and a scab forms.

Last year I found a natural, organic mineral supplement that does not increase my Uremic Frost skin condition. It's called Sea Vegetables by PotentSea. I read an advertisement about it and decided it was perfect for me. It definitely helps to satisfy my hunger and I'm happy about getting a plant source of iodine.

Here is what I read:

"Certain Asian cultures are known for amazing longevity and vitality into old age. These long lifespans, in large part, are the result of a diet rich in the five types of sea vegetables found in PotentSea capsules.

"PotentSea Sea Vegetables are a wonderful way to obtain many of the essential vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs for longevity, wellness and a healthy thyroid function.

"A healthy thyroid function leads to better hormone balance, healthy weight, better hair, skin and nails, blood health and mental clarity while boosting immunity.

"The nutrients found in PotentSea Sea Vegetables are easily absorbed into your system. The broad-spectrum of Sea Vegetables which includes red, green and brown marine algae provides much more nutrition than your basic kelp supplement.

"In springtime, the Gulf Stream upwells deep water nutrients and infuses our North Atlantic red, brown and green sea vegetables with rich amounts of bio-available ocean nutrition. Organic certifiers accompany us as we gently hand harvest and sun-dry the sea plants. PotentSea Sea Vegetables are free from contaminants."

I recommend PotentSea Sea Vegetables for anyone who wants to give their body the best form of minerals.

Getting back to not eating tomatoes. . .

The reason I tried not eating tomatoes was because of my friend, Elizabeth.

For three weeks I was keeping Elizabeth supplied with both homemade green soup and Hippocrates soup. Then she said she didn't want any more Hippocrates soup because it had too many Nightshade vegetables in it. (I made the Hippocrates soup with, among other vegetables, 3 pounds of tomatoes and 2 pounds of white potatoes -- both of which are in the Nightshade family -- and froze it into 8 oz portions.)

Maybe I hadn't paid attention when Elizabeth told me why she didn't like Nightshade vegetables, or I just hadn't listened, or she hadn't told me, but one day I realized I didn't know why she didn't like Nightshade vegetables. So, I asked her.

When she said they cause her to have joint pain I thought "Duh, maybe that's the problem with my knee!"

I had a pain in my right knee that was getting worse every day instead of getting better, which is what had always happened in the past.

So, since I had been having a cup of Hippocrates soup every day since March 2013, I thought I should stop drinking it and see what happened.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. It gradually stopped the pain in my knee and I can walk faster and get up and down off the floor with no pain at all (taking coffee enemas every day requires getting up and down off the floor).

And now it's helping my kidneys get rid of all the uric acid salts the way they should, through my urine!

The Nightshade family of vegetables includes tomatoes and white potatoes (but not sweet potatoes) and peppers (but not black pepper). I’ve completely stopped eating tomatoes, and instead of eating white potatoes I've switched to eating sweet potatoes, and I've also stopped taking cayenne pepper capsules, but I believe the improvement in my health has been mostly due to not eating tomatoes.

It saddens me that I cannot eat tomatoes as I have always loved them and they were a significant part of my diet (I love spaghetti, lasagne, pizza, tacos and enchiladas). But now that I have two really important reasons for not eating them I know I'll never eat them again.

I just wanted you to know in case you want to try not eating Nightshades for awhile to find out if you get any health improvements. Oh, and Nightshades can also cause indigestion (which is why the only thing that can reliably cause me to throw up is taking 2 cayenne capsules at a time -- otherwise I don't easily throw up).

Energy Up and Stomach Fat Disappearing

On December 4, 2013 I received my first shipment of Arctic Ruby Oil and began taking two capsules a day. That day I felt more energy than I had in a very long time. I’ve been taking two capsules everyday since and I have had the same wonderful energy every day.

Over the past (almost) four weeks I’ve also lost five pounds and an inch from around my waist and an inch from around my belly (2 inches below my waist). This is after being on my Fast Diet since March 5th and not losing any more weight since June.

The story of Arctic Ruby Oil begins at the end of 2007 in the frigid waters off the coast of Norway, which is the home of a tiny sea creature called Calanus finmarchicus. This shrimp-like creature is the main food of wild salmon and also the sole food of the arctic auk, a small bird that can fly tremendous distances.

Biology professor Kurt S. Tande, who also owns a fishery, had begun to extract oil from the shrimp-like creature and asked a colleague, biologist Dr. Jan Raa, to analyze and test the oil. Tande was curious about the ruby colored oil because he and some colleagues had begun using the oil instead of fish oil supplements and had experienced an unexpected increase in energy and loss of belly fat.

A recent study (June 2013) that appeared in the British Journal of Nutrition reported on the use of the oil in obese mice. One group of mice were fed a high-fat diet, which caused these animals to gain weight and abdominal fat and have impaired glucose tolerance when compared with mice who were fed a normal diet. Then, when the obese mice were given Arctic Ruby Oil, they showed a reduction in body weight gain and abdominal fat as well as an improvement in glucose tolerance.

Although the authors were not able to identify which components of the oil were responsible for these benefits, they believe they are related to EPA, DHA, and/or the antioxidants in the oil. In another study (2012), the supplementation of Arctic Ruby Oil reduced the formation of atherosclerotic lesions in mice, which led the authors to conclude that the oil “may be an effective and safe dietary intervention to reduce the development of atherosclerosis” (hardening of the arteries).

Dr. Raa discovered that ruby oil has a structure that is different from that of both fish oil and krill oil. The essential fatty acids (eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]) in fish oil, for example, are bound to triglycerides, while those found in krill oil are attached to phospholipids. This distinction between fish oil and krill oil seems to make a difference in how the oils work in the body.

In Arctic Ruby Oil, the essential fatty acids (EFAs) are bound to monoesters. According to Dr. Raa, monoesters burn at a much slower rate than do phospholipids and triglycerides. That means they are used by the body further along in the digestive process; that is, in the posterior portion of the intestinal tract where receptors associated with glucose tolerance, oxygen use, and fat distribution are located.

If you would like to read about my Fast Diet please go to:

If you would like to give Arctic Ruby Oil capsules a try too, please go to:

Tomato Warning

On December 7, 2013 I realized I may have been causing myself to have a painful, swollen right knee joint by drinking a daily cup or more of Hippocrates soup. After not drinking it (and not eating anything else made with tomatoes) for just one day my knee felt better and by the end of the week my knee was back to normal.

Tomatoes are in a group of vegetables called night shades. They include tomatoes, potatoes and peppers (but not black pepper). I have experimented by eating potatoes (they are also in Hippocrates soup) and have had no return of the knee pain, however, I ate an enchilada on December 19th and the pain returned immediately. By the next day my knee was feeling better and the next day it felt normal again. Even though I love tomatoes, I will not eat them again.

Here's a good write-up about night shade vegetables:

Hippocrates Soup Causes Knee Pain

My knee began to hurt on November 11th. But it wasn't because of anything physical that I did. It turns out I was hurting it by drinking Hippocrates soup!

This is how I figured out it was due to drinking Hippocrates soup:

On August 4th my friend, Elizabeth, started buying from me my homemade green soup and Hippocrates soup, which I have been making and drinking since I began the Fast Diet in March.

Then, on August 25th, Elizabeth told me she just wanted the green soup because she is allergic or something to night shade vegetables and the Hippocrates soup is mostly night shades (tomatoes and potatoes).

As November went by with no improvement in my knee I was wracking my brain about what on earth could be causing my knee pain. I could hardly bend my right knee without excruciating pain and had to go up and down steps one step at a time. I was limping when I walked and getting down on the bathroom floor for my daily coffee enema was a real challenge.

Then, last Saturday, December 7th, I was visiting with Elizabeth and, just to make conversation, I asked her what her sensitivity to night shade vegetables was exactly. She said it gave her joint pain.

I thought, My God, I've been drinking 8 ounces of night shade vegetable soup (Hippocrates soup) daily for nine months! Could that be why my knee is so sore?

I thanked her for telling me and said I was going to stop drinking it to see if helped my knee.

Elizabeth was certain it would and she was right! As soon as I stopped drinking it (I had already had my 8 ounces that Saturday) my knee gradually got better and today, Sunday December 15, 2013, my knee is back to normal.

Here's a good write-up about night shade vegetables:

Needless to say, I will no longer be making or drinking Hippocrates soup.

Twitter Sent to Ricky Gervais About Frozen Shoulder Help

Ricky Gervais appeared on David Letterman's Late Show earlier this week and said he had a Frozen Shoulder also called The 50-year-old Shoulder. He explained that the pain in his right shoulder kept him from raising his arm and that he was told it can take up to two years for the condition to heal. He said he had a steroid shot that was put directly into the shoulder socket and it didn't help. David immediately asked for a towel, got up, and began showing Ricky how to exercise the shoulder. Ricky tried, but couldn't do the exercises.

Yesterday Ricky was also on the show Live: With Kelly and Michael and he was very protective of his right arm (he high-fived audience members with his left hand).

Last year my doctor told me to exercise my Frozen Shoulder (he didn't call it that, but it's a perfect name), but the pain was so great I couldn't do the exercises either. The doctor told me my muscles would atrophy if I didn't do the exercises! The exercises were all he had to offer after I declined the steroid shot.

This is the twitter I sent to Ricky:

The Fast Diet/Mosley healed Frozen Shoulder in 60 days. Had FS 180 days prior. Blog:

I hope it helps.



Bonnie’s Statistics After Three Months on The Fast Diet

Test                           March 5, 2013    June 17, 2013    Normal Range

Total Cholesterol          282                      245                     100 -- 199

Triglycerides                 135                     123                         0 -- 149

HDL Cholesterol             59                       57                   More than 39

LDL Cholesterol            196                     163                         0 -- 99

Glucose, Serum              94                       89                       65 -- 99

IGF-1                             109                      90                       35 -- 168

Height and Age            5’7” (67”)    76 Years, 6 Months

Waist Size                   47.25”               42.5”                        33”

Weight                      202 Lbs             185 Lbs                118 -- 159 Lbs

BMI                          31.79 (Obese)     29 (Overweight)   18.5 -- 24.9

I lost 17 pounds in 15 weeks and to get to to 159 pounds or less it will probably take another 30 weeks, which will be sometime in the middle of January 2014 (Dr. Mosley reports the closer you get to your normal weight the slower the weight loss).

There is another test that Dr. Mosley recommends. It is balancing your weight on your non-dominant foot. In March I couldn’t do it for more than one second. Now I can do it for 15 seconds. Not much better, but I’m improving.  (Dale and Sandy can each stand on one foot for 15 minutes or more.)

Other Improvements:

  • The inflammation I had in my shoulder (due to injuring my left rotator cuff somehow) for six months prior to beginning the Fast Diet disappeared and I regained full use of my arm
  • My lifelong spring allergies did not appear this spring and I did not need to take pancreatic enzymes to alleviate the symptoms
  • My sensitive hearing problem (loud noises hurt my ears) has ceased
  • I'm not snacking on potato chips or ice cream as I used to (I'm having vegetable soup instead)
  • My weight loss is not causing me to look ill (this is most likely because I’m not losing muscle as I did on other diets)

Note: Dr. Mosley reported in his Fast Diet book that Dr. Krista Varady of the University of Illinois at Chicago is now researching why people on Alternate Day Fasting (ADF), which is her research specialty, lose fat but don’t seem to lose significant muscle mass, and why people on ADF don't seem to fully compensate for the calories they've missed by eating more on their feed days.

A Friend’s Fast Diet Success Story Plus Updates From Bonnie

June 21, 2013

Hi Bonnie,

I have been reading the road to health for a long time. Before the internet when everything was done by the mail.

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your articles and especially the article and video attachment on fasting.

I have been fasting pretty much twice a week for about 6 weeks–two months.  I keep my calories down to 400-500 calories on the fast day. I don’t make a soup like you do. I just have organic miso soup (50 calories) and put some lettuce in with it.

Two good things have happened.

For many years I could feel my liver enlarged. I have done tons of liver cleanses to no avail. But now my liver doesn’t feel so large. The pressure isn’t there. I know I am more healthy.

My allergies are very bad in the summer. I get hives really, really bad. One year it was so bad I had to take prescription steroids and I don’t believe in taking medicine. But this year so far I really haven’t had my problem with hives. A slight itching.

I just wanted to tell you my experience and to say I am grateful for your information you send out. You’re doing a great job. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Light and Love, Ginny C.

June 22, 2013

Hi Ginny,

How wonderful that your liver feels better. And your allergies are not as bad. This fasting information is so valuable.

I couldn't wait for another three months (as I originally planned) to find out how my IGF-1 level is doing so, on June 13th, I had another blood test. In three months on the Fast Diet my IGF-1 level dropped 19 points (it was 109 on March 21st and, on June 13th, it was 90). The US recommended IGF-1 level is between 35 and 168.

Dr. Mosley's IGF-1 level dropped 13 points in three months and I'd like to know how to compare that to my 19 points because in England they use a different scale of recommended numbers (his IGF-1 level was 28.6 before starting the fast diet and three months later it was 15.9). The English recommended IGF-1 level is between 11.3 and 30.9.

A lower number is better as it means you have a lower risk of developing a number of age-related diseases, such as cancer.

The only visible improvements in my health lately have been noticed by Sandy. When I couldn't think of anything and I asked Dale and Sandy if they had, Sandy said "Yes, definitely, you are not wincing at loud noises like you used to and you're not eating ice cream or potato chips anymore." Wow, she's right and I never thought of either one!

The loud noise problem I had was so bad that one day last year I asked at Costco about it (they have a department where they test people's hearing) and the answer was that feeling pain when hearing a loud noise could be an indication of hearing loss. (One of the loud noises that made me wince was when someone sanding behind me in line at the grocery store would answer a cell phone and start talking -- it felt like they were shouting right in my ear and it actually hurt.)

I could hear just fine when listening to people talk (calmly) in person or over the phone, but I was missing words when watching TV. Dale fixed that by turning on the Closed Caption feature on the TV. Now, I think I can hear what people are saying on the TV better, but I still like reading the printed words on the screen, especially when the words to a song that is being sung are shown.

Something as simple (and inexpensive) as fasting, which everyone seems to be able to do when they get a glucose or lipid profile blood test done, for 12 hours twice a day twice a week, seems like a small price to pay to get such huge improvements in our health like your liver pressure and allergies getting better and my shoulder pain and allergies getting better.

Your organic miso soup sounds like a good alternative to my vegetable soup. I just spent a few hours today trimming vegetables. I'm lucky I have the time, however, Dale is helping me even more now by using some new attachments he bought for our Bosch mixer and it cut the time I'm spending on the project every week by half (he cut up the green onions and leeks with the Bosch and all I had to do was trim them).

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I love being the guinea pig, especially when I have a gut feeling that the experiment will be a success.

Love, Bonnie

June 23, 2013

Hi Bonnie,

Fasting really is a small price to pay. Plus you’re not paying for a vitamin, mineral or machine. Its just our body doing what is natural for it.

I also forgot to mention that for 30 years I have been getting a chiropractic adjustment.  Basically since I was in a car accident 30 years ago. I get the adjustment once every couple of weeks. The adjustments are always hard to do. The chiropractor has to really yank each adjustment. Plus only 1-2 alignments go into place. After a few weeks on the diet all the adjustments were very easy and 5-6 alignments went into place. The past few years I have felt my bones getting weaker. But with this diet I feel my bones are getting stronger.

I would love to have a Bosch. – But not now, plus I don’t have the time. Good to hear you do have the time.

Light and Love, Ginny

How to Find PBS TV Shows

A few people sent me emails asking how to find Michael Mosley's PBS show as their local TV provider didn't have Eat, Fast and Live Longer
with Michael Mosley on PBS during the past few days (it was on our local PBS station Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 9PM).

To find out when it will be shown on TV in your area (or, if you missed it, in any area again) Dale recommends going on line and searching the pbs website:

However, we posted a Youtube video of Michael Mosley's PBS show on my first blog entry. Click here to watch the show.

Fasting and Cancer

This is an excerpt from the “The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting” by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer:

My father was a lovely man but not a particularly healthy one. Overweight for much of his life, by the time he reached his sixties he had developed not only diabetes but also prostate cancer. He had an operation to remove the prostate cancer, which left him with embarrassing urinary problems. Understandably, I am not at all keen to go down that road.
My four-day fast, under Valter Longo’s supervision, had shown me that it was possible to dramatically cut my IGF-1(insulin-like growth factor 1) levels and by doing so, hopefully, my prostate cancer risk. I later discovered that by doing intermittent fasting and being a bit more careful with my protein intake, I could keep my IGF-1 down at healthy levels. The link between growth, fasting, and cancer is worth unpacking.
The cells in our bodies are constantly multiplying, replacing dead, worn out, or damaged tissue. This is fine as long as cellular growth is under control, but sometimes a cell mutates, grows uncontrollably, and turns into a cancer. Very high levels of a cellular stimulant like IGF-1 in the blood are likely to increase the chance of this happening.
When a cancer goes rogue, the normal options are surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy. Surgery is used to try to remove the tumor; chemotherapy and radiotherapy are used to try to poison it. The major problem with chemotherapy and radiotherapy is that they are not selective; as well as killing tumor cells they will also kill or damage surrounding healthy cells. They are particularly likely to damage rapidly dividing cells such as hair roots, which is why hair commonly falls out following therapy.
As I mentioned above, Walter Longo has shown that when we are deprived of food for even quite short periods of time, our body responds by slowing things down, going into repair and survival mode until food is once more abundant. That is true of normal cells. But cancer cells follow their own rules. They are, almost by definition, not under control and will go on selfishly proliferating whatever the circumstances. This “selfishness” creates an opportunity. At least in theory, if you fast just before chemotherapy, you create a situation in which your normal cells are hibernating while the cancer cells are running amok and are therefore more vulnerable.
In a paper published in 2008, Valter and colleagues showed that fasting “protects normal but not cancer cells against high-dose chemotherapy,” followed by another paper in which they showed that fasting increased the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs against a variety of cancers. Again as is so often the case, this was a study done in mice. But the implications of Valters work were not missed by an eagle-eyed administrative judge named Nora Quinn, who saw a short article about it in the Los Angeles Times.
I met Nora in Los Angeles. She is a feisty woman with a terrific, dry sense of humor. Nora first noticed she had a problem when, one morning, she put her hand on her breast and felt a lump the size of a walnut under her skin. After indulging, as she put it, in the fantasy that it was a cyst, she went to the doctor; it was removed and sent to a pathologist.
“The reality of your life always comes out in pathology,” she told me. When the pathology report came back, it said that she had invasive breast cancer. She had a course of radiotherapy and was about to start chemotherapy when she read about Valter’s work with mice.
She tried to speak to Valter, but he wouldn’t advise her because, up to that point, none of the trials he had run had been done with humans. He didn’t know if it was safe for someone about to undergo chemo to fast, and he certainly wasn’t going to encourage people like Nora to give it a go.
Undeterred, Nora did her own research and decided to try fasting for seven and a half days, before, during, and after her first bout of chemotherapy. Having discovered how tough it can be to do even a four-day fast while fully healthy, I’m surprised she was able to go through with it, though Nora says it’s not so hard and I’m just a wimp. The results were mixed.
“After the first chemo I didn’t get that sick, but my hair fell out, so I thought it wasn’t working.” So next time she didn’t fast, and she was only medium sick. “I thought, seven and a half days of fasting to avoid being medium sick, this is a really bad deal. I am so not doing that again.” So when it was time for her third course of chemo, she didn’t fast. That, she now feels, was a mistake. “I got sick. I don’t have words for how sick I was. I was weak, felt poisoned, and I couldn’t get up. I felt like I was moving through Jell-O. It was absolutely horrible.”
By the time Nora had to undergo her fourth course of chemo, she had decided to try fasting once again. This time things went much better and she made a good recovery. She is currently cancer free.
Nora is convinced she benefitted from fasting, but it’s hard to be sure because she wasn’t part of a proper medical trial. Valter and his colleagues at USC did, however, study what happened to her and ten other patients with cancer who had also decided to put themselves on a fast. All of them reported fewer and less severe symptoms after chemotherapy, and most of them, including Nora, saw improvements in their blood results. The white cells and platelets, for example, recovered more rapidly when they had chemo while they were fasting than when they did not.
But why did Nora go rogue? Why didn’t she fast under proper supervision? She says: “I decided to fast based on years of information from animal testing. I do agree that if you are going to do crazy things like I did, you should have medical supervision. But how? None of my doctors would listen to me.” Nora’s self-experiment could have gone wrong, which is just one reason why such maverick behavior is not recommended. Her experience, however, and that of the other nine cancer patients, helped inspire further studies. For example, Valter and his colleagues have recently completed phase one of a clinical trial to see if fasting around the time of chemotherapy is safe--which it seems to be. The next phase is to assess whether it makes a measurable difference. At least ten other hospitals around the world are either doing or have agreed to do clinical trials.

I started to follow the fast diet initially to lose weight, but after reading The Fast Diet book I am very interested in the link between fasting and cancer. My father (at 63), his two brothers, and his mother (at 58) all died of cancer.

On March 21, 2013 I had an IGF-1 blood test taken, with the result of 109 (with a reference interval of 35 to 168) (the lower the number, the better your chances are of avoiding cancer) and I plan to have another IGF-1 blood test taken in September 2013 to find out if my fasting days are making a difference.

I couldn't persuade my Kaiser Permanente doctor to write a prescription for the IGF-1 blood test so Dale found a Laboratory on line (Walk-In Lab, LLC: 800-539-6119) that had a place in Walnut Creek that did the test for me for $68. Walk-In Lab probably has a laboratory in your area as well.

If you would like to purchase "The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting" by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer please click the ad below.

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