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Targis Tooth Crowns Don’t Last 25 Years As Promised

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Background: I have 26 teeth. My four wisdom teeth were extracted when I was 29 and the two permanent teeth on each side of my two upper front teeth (lateral incisors) never came in (I wore braces to close the spaces). My dad had one lateral incisor missing.

In 1999 I had 14 of my back teeth crowned with Targis crowns (and I was very happy when Dr. Clark announced, through my newsletter, The Road To Health. . . Using The Clark Method Newsletter, that when she tested Targis dental material with her Synchrometer it tested safe).

At the time, my dentist told me my Targis crowns would last 25 years. As I was 63 then, I thought they would last until I was 88, which is 11 years from now.

However, in October 2013, after only 14 years, half of one of my Targis crowns broke off as I was eating and I swallowed it.

My dentist told me the Targis crown broke because it was opposite an un-crowned tooth. He said I will probably have three more fail soon as they, too, are opposite un-crowned teeth. He explained that the Targis crowns are not as hard as natural enamel so the enamel of my un-crowned teeth will cause the Targis crowns to fail sooner than it was thought they would back in 1999.

The dentist said my other 10 Targis crowned teeth will probably last another six or seven years as they are opposite each other (that means the complete life of those crowns will only be 20 to 21 years and not 25 as originally promised, but I'll take it).

The good news is on October 22, 2013 I had the Targis crown replaced with a crown made of Diamond Zirconia, which is stronger than natural tooth enamel and is supposed to (again) last 25 years (but, again, there are no guarantees).

More Targis Tooth Crown News: January 31, 2014 I had another Targis crown break off. This time it was one of the ones that is supposed to last another six to seven years. It came off whole while I was chewing, but I noticed it before I swallowed it and saved it.

The dentist glued the intact Targis crown back on the tooth. He said it was lucky I saved it. I definitely agree as having it glued back on was a lot less expensive than replacing it with a Diamond Zirconia crown.

By the way, my tooth with the Diamond Zirconia crown feels like I have a bionic tooth -- it’s a really weird feeling.

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