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Bonnie’s Fast Diet Experiance

NAME: Bonnie O’Sullivan

AGE: 77 CITY: Walnut Creek Before 2001, I weighed approximately 145 pounds. In 2001, I began taking care of my daughter, who has a chronic illness. By January 2013, I weighed 200 pounds.


In March 2013, I started following the Fast Diet, which consists of eating 500 calories (600 for men) on two nonconsecutive days per week (mine are Thursdays and Sundays) and eating normally the other five.

When I start my fast, I don’t eat anything for 12 hours, then I eat 250 calories. After another 12 hours, I eat another 250 calories, and after another 12 hours, I eat normally.

I chose the Fast Diet, created by doctor and journalist Michael Mosley, because I knew I could easily fast for 12 hours (I had done it for blood tests).

I had also read research showing this diet lowers levels of chronic inflammation, which reduces the risk of numerous diseases, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Eating this way is similar to the answer a celebrity cooking-show host gave when she appeared as a guest on “The View” and was asked how she keeps her slim figure: “I eat high caloric food on my daily weekday cooking show and I cut way down on

Bonnie O’Sullivan had gained more than 50 pounds, left, before she tried the Fast Diet. Since starting it, she has lost 25 pounds, right, and has regained pain- free use of a previously frozen shoulder.

calories the two days I’m off.”

I’m staying on this diet, even though I’ve only lost 25 pounds. I feel very satisfied on this eating plan. On fast days, my body is accustomed to eating less, and I have no problem keeping my weight steady. Also, I have no aches, pains or health problems.

For six months before going on the Fast Diet, I had been suffering with what Ricky Gervais told David Letterman he had been dealing with: “frozen shoulder” or the “50-year- old shoulder,” which is due to

inflammation and can take up to two years to heal. My left shoulder’s condition was exactly as Gervais described his: I couldn’t raise my arm because when I tried, I experienced excruciating pain in my shoulder.

Within two months on the Fast Diet, I regained complete, pain- free movement of my left arm and shoulder. Also, within two months, my lifelong springtime allergies did not reappear, and my cravings for potato chips and ice cream vanished.

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