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Welcome. Bonnie and her husband, Dale Maxwell, invite you to join Bonnie's blog. This blog is taking the place of Bonnie's printed newsletter, The Road To Health. . . Using The Clark Method Newsletter, which she began publishing every other month in 1996 -- all are available Online at

Bonnie's blog will include "additional media," which means Dale will use the various media tools available today and include videos of alternative medicine gurus giving their views about supplements and/or special diets that help people live longer healthier lives.

Bonnie's blog will not only be about new supplements, therapies and diets she has tried or is trying, but will also include personal stories (or, as Dale calls them, sagas) about herself as well as Dale, and Bonnie's daughter, Sandy. Please join the blog and feel free to contribute your experiences to the mix.

About Bonnie O'Sullivan:

Bonnie was born December 16, 1936 in Roxborough a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. After attending grammar school in Philadelphia (during which time her dad served four years in the Navy as a medic on a hospital ship during World War II) she attended one and a half years of Junior High School (7A, 7B and 8A) in Philadelphia. She skipped the second half of eighth grade and went into ninth grade. This was because in 1950 her dad joined the Navy Reserves and was sent to California and was allowed to take his family with him (and California schools didn't have half years as they did in Pennsylvania). Between July 1950 and July 1951 she and her family lived in Tustin, California and she attended Tustin Union High School. In 1951 the Navy sent her dad to Korea for two years. At that time Bonnie returned home to Philadelphia with her mother and brother and was happy to go to high school and graduate from Germantown High School, Philadelphia, PA in 1954 with many of the classmates she had known since kindergarten.

Bonnie has lived in several states in the US and also in England (1976 - 1980) and worked on and off from the age of seventeen to the age of 43 as a United States Civil Service employee: from Clerk Typist at the Veteran's Administration in Philadelphia, PA, National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, and at the Naval Air Station Pensacola, Pensacola, FL to working as a secretary to the Medical Director, Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, HI (this was not a civil service job), an Army General's secretary at Fort DeRussy, Honolulu, HI, and as an Administration Assistant at the US Dental Laboratory, United States Air Force, Upper Heyford, United Kingdom.

Books have made Bonnie's life easier in many ways. As a child they were often her only friends when her family relocated. Then, at the age of 24, she switched from reading novels to reading alternative medicine books. When she was successful in improving her health by following the advice in the first alternative medicine book she read she put her faith in alternative medicine and has been devoted to it ever since.

The following are the seven alternative medicine books that inspired Bonnie the most to improve her health (and the health of her daughter):

Books Number 1 and 2: "Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit," 1954, by Adelle Davis and "Let's Get Well," 1965, by Adelle Davis

The first alternative medicine book Bonnie read was "Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit," 1954, by Adelle Davis, which she read in 1961 a few days after her third child was born. A neighbor who stopped by to see the new baby gave it to her as a baby gift. During the five days it took Bonnie to finish reading the book she became convinced she should heed it's advice. Up to this point in her life she often needed to take antibiotics for earaches and she was guilty of occasionally baking a chocolate cake in the morning and eating only cake all day. Since she needed to be well to care for her three children (ages three, two and five days) the book proved to be exactly what she needed.

"Let's Get Well," 1965, by Adelle Davis was the second alternative medicine book Bonnie read. For many years Bonnie kept these two books within arm's reach and used them as reference books.

In 1980 Bonnie took a giant step away from typewriters and office work and, at the age of 43, stepped into the world of vitamins, minerals and other supplements by taking a position as a salesclerk in a Great Earth Vitamin store in San Mateo, CA. She eventually became a franchise owner of one of San Francisco's Great Earth Vitamin stores (located on Polk near Washington Street).

Books Number 3 and 4: "A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases," 1958, by Max Gerson, M.D. and "The Gerson Therapy, 60 Years of Success," 2001 (Revised and Updated 2006), by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M.

The next two books that inspired Bonnie are "A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases," 1958, by Max Gerson, M.D. and an earlier version of what is now "The Gerson Therapy, 60 Years of Success," 2001 (Revised and Updated 2006), by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M. Bonnie read them both in November 1982 while spending a month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico as a helper for a friend who had cancer.

Note: Bonnie's friend who had cancer was the manager of the Great Earth Vitamin store where she worked and the owner of the store gave them both a month off to go to the Gerson Cancer Clinic. The doctors at the clinic welcomed Bonnie and her friend, but were very clear that they held out little hope for Bonnie's friend. She had had one year of chemotherapy in 1981 for breast cancer and, after 10 months off the chemotherapy her cancer came back in her liver. Her Stanford Hospital doctors told her she had three months to live on October 30, 1982. She passed away in early February 1983.

As "a helper," and not a cancer patient, Bonnie was allowed to follow the same Gerson Cancer Therapy as her friend, but Bonnie's therapy was officially called the "Gerson Allergy Therapy." Bonnie had serious allergies in the spring every year of her life (except for the two years she lived on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, and the five years she lived in Honolulu, Hawaii). Her Gerson Allergy Therapy was very successful and taught her how to immediately stop a sudden allergy attack (such as a bee sting): take a coffee enema! (She also learned, years later from Dr. Kelley, to take extra amounts of pancreatic enzymes with her meals during allergy season, which helps tremendously.)

The doctors and volunteer lecturers at the Gerson Cancer Clinic and the two Gerson books taught Bonnie the importance of the three main practices for preventing cancer and putting cancer in remission (after not having chemotherapy before giving alternative medicine a chance). The first is taking pancreatic enzymes with meals. The second is taking coffee enemas (sometimes three or four a day when cancer is present) to aid the liver in cleansing the body of toxins. The third is to drink, cook with, and brew the coffee for the enemas with distilled water only.

The volunteer lecturers all had had cancer and their cancers were in remission. They had all regained their health without drugs, surgery or radiation. As cancer patients they drank raw, organic vegetable juice, and, except for the ground, pressed, raw, organic liver juice they drank, they ate a special Gerson version (no berries or raw spinach) of a vegan (no meat or dairy diet that included two tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily). The only water they drank and cooked with was distilled water and they made a coffee concentrate with distilled water for their enemas. Once they were cancer free they continued to take pancreatic enzymes with meals, to take at least one coffee enema daily and, to drink, cook with, and make the coffee for their enemas with distilled water only, all of which kept their cancer in remission.

Bonnie learned to be happy when, after five or so days on the Gerson cancer or allergy therapy, a patient has a healing crisis. This consists of developing a fever and feeling achy all over as if you have the flu. The advice that the doctors at the clinic give you is to take more coffee enemas and drink every ounce of vegetable juice you are given (13 glasses daily). Sometimes the crisis lasts just a few days (a small healing), and sometimes it lasts for a week or more (a big healing). The bigger the health crisis the better as it means you are getting rid of stored toxins and/or breaking up the cancer tumor. Some cancer patients have a healing crisis again and again until their cancer is in remission. Depending on the amount of tumor material they have in their body it can take one month or many months. Keeping the cancer patient from getting dehydrated and/or losing too much weight and muscle is a challenge. It takes careful monitoring and cooperation of the cancer patient, their doctors and their helpers.

Bonnie was so impressed with the robust health of the recovered cancer patients and the increased feeling of well being she experienced while following the Gerson therapy for the month she was at the clinic, she decided that when she returned home she would continue to take pancreatic enzymes with her meals, drink and cook with distilled water only, and take coffee enemas daily to prevent cancer and has done so ever since.

Bonnie has been drinking distilled water and taking daily coffee enemas now for over 30 years and she has developed no chronic aches or pains and recovers quickly if she over does physical activity or injures herself accidentally. Antibiotics are the only prescription drugs she has taken since 1982 (before that she also took six days of steroids once a year for her allergies when needed). During the past several years she has not needed antibiotics and has not needed steroids for her allergies since the spring of 1982. She doesn't drink alcohol or smoke and neither does Dale (another thing about Dale that made an extremely favorable impression on Bonnie during their first conversation was that he agreed with her about the importance of drinking distilled water and told her he owned a water distiller and drank nothing but distilled water).

Bonnie remained a vitamin store owner until 1989 when she met Dale and moved to Walnut Creek, CA. Dale's main interests in 1989 were computers and designing and programming software for computers. Dale designed the software for the computerized cash registers used by several Great Earth Vitamin stores, and visited the stores to show the owners and employees how to use them, which is how Bonnie and Dale met. For many years Dale and his dad owned and operated several businesses in which printing equipment was used. In Dale's home office he had equipment for printing, cutting, folding and stapling postcards, flyers and letters.

It took awhile (six years) but Dale eventually convinced Bonnie that she could be a successful newsletter writer (he took her to several seminars on the subject). So, with Dale's technical knowledge and her wealth of alternative medicine information, Bonnie began writing, editing and publishing The Road To Health newsletter in 1995 and a year later she and Dale established an Online vitamin store, The Road To Health, Inc. (, which they have been successfully operating since 1996.

At the beginning of the process of changing herself into a writer, editor and publisher Dale might have been having second thoughts about his idea of Bonnie writing a newsletter: when Dale was asked how Bonnie was doing with her newsletter by one of the speakers (Bonnie calls them gurus) during a break at one of the follow-up seminars Dale answered, "She's relentless."

Note: Bonnie's family's health history includes cancer on her dad's side (her dad died of cancer at the age of 63 in 1975) and heart and circulation problems on her mother's side (her mother died of a burst aneurism at the age of 85 in 1998). Sadly, both her parents smoked Lucky Strike cigarettes throughout their adult lives.

Note: Dale Maxwell was born April 14, 1951. His family's health history includes cancer on his dad's side (his dad died of cancer at the age of 85 in 2010) and heart and circulation problems on his mother's side (his mother died of a stroke and heart failure at the age of 85 in 2013). Neither of his parents smoked.

Book Number 5: "The Cure for All Cancers," 1993, by Hulda R. Clark

For Christmas in 1995 a friend gave Bonnie "The Cure for All Cancers," 1993, by Hulda R. Clark. Bonnie was fascinated by the book. It's about parasites and other hidden infections and toxins in the human body that cause cancer, which Dr. Clark could detect by using an electronic device called a Syncrometer that she used in her clinic in Mexico.

In January 1996 Bonnie called Dr. Clark's Cancer Clinic in Mexico and made an appointment to see Dr. Clark to be tested for parasites, hidden infections and toxins and asked if she could interview Dr. Clark for the newsletter while she was there. She got the okay, which was relayed from Dr. Clark to Bonnie by a nurse at the clinic. After the interview Bonnie asked for and received permission from Dr. Clark to dedicate the newsletter she had been writing to Dr. Clark and renamed it "The Road To Health. . . Using The Clark Method Newsletter." Dr. Clark was very generous and throughout the rest of her life she sent Bonnie letters for publication in the newsletter as well as updates to her cancer therapy and announcements about the publishing dates of her next books.

Note: Hulda Regehr Clark was born October 18, 1928 and died September 3, 2009. She was a Naturopath, Author, and Practitioner of Alternative Medicine.

In 2001, when Bonnie's daughter, Sandy, believed she could be close to dying from pain she re-read Dr. Clark’s "The Cure for All Cancers" (the original 1993 version that said compromised teeth are the cause of many illnesses). Reading that section of the book again caused Sandy to suspect that her damaged teeth (from being prescribed Tetracycline as a toddler, which resulted in her permanent teeth being discolored at the gum line) could be the cause of her severe whole body pain.

Sandy's pain became severe throughout her whole body after having a hysterectomy in November 1997 that was supposed to "cure" her of her physical pain and loss of energy that she felt three weeks out of every month. When she told her doctor that she was having continuous pain since her hysterectomy he experimented by giving her prescriptions of many different drugs (some were combinations of hormones that made her pain worse and some were different brands and potencies of blood pressure lowering drugs that made her almost comatose). During the three years of taking drugs (one after another) to see if any of them would help, Sandy lost two molars when the roots split as her dentist was trying to place restorations in them and lost a third molar after she was given a root canal that, soon after the procedure, became so painfully infected it had to be extracted as well.

Finally, in March 2001, when Sandy thought she wasn't going to live much longer, she left Washington state and her live-in boyfriend of three and a half years, Gary, and moved to California to live with Bonnie and Dale and asked if they would please help her find a doctor and/or dentist who could help her.

As of today, March 11, 2013, eleven and a half years after she had all of her teeth extracted, and after demonstrating that she could endure suffering beyond measure, Sandy has regained most of her health. She was diagnosed in September 2001 by a doctor in Oakland, California as having osteomyelitis of the jawbone (infection and dead bone in the jawbone due to cavitations). She endured eight years of several different dentists performing many oral surgeries to not only remove her teeth, but to remove infected and dead bone, a retained tooth root, infected bone grafts, and finally, in September 2009, to repair two areas in her jawbone (including one that was causing Shingles-like pain in her face and neck) that had been causing her constant pain. This much-prayed-for oral surgery came about thanks to Dr. Villafana (Sandy's dentist in Mexico) deciding that Sandy could physically withstand a punishingly thorough excavation of the two areas she was constantly asking him to repair (as he had already done in several other areas). He called in an anesthesiologist, which he had never done before, and, when Sandy was fully asleep, he went to work and was able to repair the damage to the roof of her mouth and to cut back one large abnormal nerve that was growing out of a bone graft at the area of tooth #9 that had attached itself to her gum tissue causing irritation and pain to the gum tissue and bone whenever she bit into her food or chewed (Dr. Villafana explained that abnormal nerves growing where they do not belong is a common complication of bone graft procedures).

It has now been three and a half years since that last oral surgery and Sandy's jawbone has healed beautifully. She still has some postherpetic neuralgia in her face from the abnormal nerve being cut, but it is gradually diminishing. Sandy still has whole body pain and is taking pain medication that helps her live with it.

In July 2012 Sandy had a physical examination by the doctor who diagnosed her as having osteomyelitis of the jawbone in September 2001. This is some of what he wrote in his medical report: "This patient had previous oral maxillofacial trauma with development of severe osteomyelitis requiring extensive and repetitive jaw surgeries. She has had a hyperbaric oxygen therapy in combination with I.V. antibiotics for chronic resistant osteomyelitis. She also carries the diagnosis of true fibromyalgia which is most likely related to either the initial osteomyelitis or previous cervical injury from automobile accident. Patient currently is chronically in pain with associated significant allodynia or painful to the simple touch. HEENT examination is remarkable for edentate state with significant bone loss jaws. She has associated chronic oral pain syndrome. The chest is clear, her regular abdomen benign status post hysterectomy. Extremities and neurologic essentially unremarkable apart from extreme allodynia and trigger points. Patient has classical fibromyalgia trigger points including the shoulders, neck, beneath the arms, knees, ankles, -- total of 13 of 18 possible trigger points positive. Impression: This patient meets all criteria for fibromyalgia. Because of a history of previous oral trauma and the repetitive surgeries and associated chronic refractory osteomyelitis of the jaws, it is believed that possibly the fibromyalgia is secondary."

To view Sandy's story, originally published in The Road To Health. . . Using The Clark Method Newsletter, please click on the following link:

Books Number 6 and 7: "One Answer To Cancer," 1963 (Updated 1999), by William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. and "Dr. Kelley's Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types," 1977 (Updated 1999), by William Donald Kelley, D.D.S.

In January 1996 Bonnie and Dale were introduced to Dr. William Donald Kelley by a mutual friend. Dr. Kelley was instrumental in establishing Bonnie and Dale's supplement business as Dr. Kelley felt they were sincere about wanting to help others. He enjoyed reading the The Road To Health. . . Using The Clark Method newsletter and sent several articles he had written and had published in other newsletters in the past to Bonnie to re-publish in her newsletter. With surprising generosity he introduced Bonnie to his preferred contacts in the supplement business (who still supply The Road To Health, Inc. with enzymes and other supplements today).

Dr. Kelley enjoyed talking with Dale and Dale spent many hours talking with him by phone. Dr. Kelley taught his cancer therapy to dozens of people over the years in a classroom setting and treated his conversations with Dale as if he were teaching a class. As he was no longer going into classrooms to teach, Dr. Kelley sent Dale all of his teaching material, which Dale read and found extremely helpful. In September 1996 Dale began counseling cancer patients who were following Dr. Kelley's therapy and, from that time until Dr. Kelley passed away, whenever Dale was stumped by a question from a cancer patient he called Dr. Kelley and he was always happy to give his opinion.

In June 1997 Dr. Kelley told Dale he wanted to update his book, "One Answer To Cancer," and asked Dale to bring him up to date on using a computer to do it. Dale shipped him a computer and a printer and worked with him over the phone to set them up and use them.

Also in June 1997 Dr. Kelley asked Bonnie to work with him in adding the updates to his book. He wanted the updates to fit perfectly into the original book. This proved to be challenging and Bonnie and Dr. Kelley burned up the phone lines talking almost daily for hours working on the book. When he and Bonnie worked out a way to add to the book an update to help solve a problem that cancer patients face Dr. Kelley typed it into his computer and printed out the pages. He would then fax or mail the pages to Bonnie to proofread and then call him to discuss any typos or mistakes she caught. At times, because it seemed the book was never going to be completed, Bonnie thought he was doing this just to teach her about his cancer therapy (which he very thoroughly did), but then she would think that he wouldn't spend so much time working on it if that's all he was doing. They spent half of 1997 and all of 1998 working on the book. The book was finally published late in 1998 and Dr. Kelley gave Bonnie credit in the acknowledgements section of his 1999 updated version of "One Answer To Cancer."

Dr. Kelley's Cancer Therapy is similar to the Gerson Cancer Therapy with regard to taking coffee enemas to eliminate toxins from the body and to drinking, cooking with, and making coffee for the enemas with distilled water. But it differs in that for cancer patients Dr. Kelley recommends much, much higher amounts of pancreatic enzymes to be taken with meals, and again in between meals, and again once during the night. Plus, Dr. Kelley's pancreatic enzymes are made to his own particular specifications.

"Dr. Kelley's Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types" is a book of questions that takes hours to complete. It is worth the time you spend on it as it gives you the answer to what type of diet you should eat whether or not you are a cancer patient. By discovering a cancer patient's metabolic type Dr. Kelley could prevent them from suffering from a condition called "wasting disease." Dr. Kelley believed that caretakers and health providers can sometimes contribute to wasting if the patient is placed on an improper diet.

After Bonnie and Dale each answered the questions in "Dr. Kelley's Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types," and added up the results, harmony has presided at their meal times. Ever since that day in 1996 they have respected each others food choices. Derogatory remarks ceased. Taking the test proved to be one of the best ways to understand and appreciate the other person's preferences.

According to "Dr. Kelley's Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types" Bonnie is a meat eater and has no trouble digesting meat and vegetables, but does not digest beans or whole grains well at all. She can eat a large meal and feel satisfied for six to seven hours. Dale is a combination eater with a less than optimal digestion. He can digest small amounts of everything but feels better when he avoids red meat altogether. After eating Dale feels satisfied for three to four hours. They can eat some of the same foods: Bonnie's homemade vegetable broth, vegetables, corn and vegetable tamales (Bonnie has hers with cheese added), nuts and seeds. Recently Dale has become a vegan and often uses his VitaMix to help him digest his food (when the food feels smooth and not at all gritty when a small amount is rubbed between two fingertips, it is the most easily digested).

Note: Dr. Kelley was born November 1, 1925 and died January 30, 2005. He was an Orthodontist who developed the Kelley Cancer Therapy, an Alternative Cancer Treatment.

Bonnie and Dale miss Dr. Kelley very much.

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